The Rodriguez Family

I recently had our new construction home inspected by Shane. I thought that because our home was a new construction, our home would be immaculate and not need any fixes. During the inspection, Shane found a number of items that needed corrections within the house. The most important item he found for us was our back door deadbolt did not fully engage. Before the inspection, I thought nothing of it, but Shane pointed it out and explained how it could be picked if the bolt did not fully engage. Because of this tip, and the other items he found, I was able to relay this information back to the builder and have them fix it before I purchased the home. In addition to this, Shane really took the time to explain the features of my new home to me, and even gave me tips on how to properly maintain it. It was very valuable information that I still use to this day. Thank you Shane for giving me the piece of mind in knowing my house is safe and secure. Keep up the great work!