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Augusta Georgia Builder Warranty InspectionBuilders Warranty Inspections are typically performed at the 11th month of new home ownership, while the builder is still responsible for most defects.

Did the builder call remind you that your home warranty was about to expire? Most don’t provide this courtesy.

We offer this inspection service for homeowners who are living in a newly constructed home less than one-year-old. Aside from seller’s pre-listing inspection, they also need to find out if their home warranty was about to expire anytime soon. 

While many items are now concealed, it’s not too late for defects to be caught by the trained eye of our inspectors.


Our experience tells us that most major construction flaws go unnoticed for 3-5 years.

By this time, correcting these flaws could cost many thousands of dollars to remedy, and the builder is no longer responsible. It is unfortunate that most of these flaws go unnoticed until it is too late and extensive damage has occurred.

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Assisting in preventing this risk and the possibility of future costly repairs is the goal of our “11 Month Warranty Inspection”. Our inspection covers all major systems and includes testing of the mechanical systems and components. All visible defects will be noted in a written report and ready for presentation to your builder. This “last chance” inspection is essential in providing you with the peace of mind you deserve.

This service works so well that most new homeowners are amazed by our findings and will refer us to their neighbors.


Where To Get The Best Builder Warranty Inspection Services?

Builder Warranty Inspection fully understands that purchasing a home is among the most important decisions that a person will ever make in their life.

It is a known fact that home inspections are critical aspects of any real estate transaction, regardless of whether one is buying or even selling. Allow us to deliver you peace of mind with our comprehensive home inspection services. We specialize in both residential inspections as well as commercial inspections.

Why Choose Us:

There are several reasons as to why clients should choose to hire our home inspection services, the notable ones include the following:

  1. We have a wealth of experience in the home inspection industry.

This means that our techniques and decisions are well thought out and have continuously been refined over the many years that we have offered home inspection services. Clients are therefore in safe hands with us.

2. We have heavily invested in hiring qualified and licensed staff.

All our inspectors have undergone thorough training and adhere to all the stipulated industry standards in regard to home inspections. This means that clients are guaranteed of enjoying professional home inspection service when they hire Builder Warranty Inspection.

3. Builder Warranty Inspection uses the state of the art equipment when carrying out home inspection services.

The top-notch equipment and tools at our disposal facilitate efficiency and accuracy when performing inspections so that clients get value for their hard-earned money.


Builder Warranty Inspection provides our esteemed clients with an array of home inspection services. These include the ones listed below:

  1. We conduct plumbing inspection services.

Our inspectors focus on any faulty fixtures, old piping materials, water heaters and water pumps. We understand that plumbing defects can be an impediment to home buyers or owners in regard to repair work.

2. Our inspectors carry out roof inspections to check if it can there are leaks or deteriorated shingles.

3. Structural inspection, this involves checking the overall condition of the main structure i.e. the condition of foundation, walls, floor joists, rafters, door headers, windows or if there are any settlement issues.

4. Air conditioning and heating systems. Our inspectors check air ducts and heat distribution pipes. In addition, the operating controls and chimney are looked at to ascertain that they are in good condition.

5. We check electrical wiring, this is inclusive of power overload and wire connections.

6. Our highly qualified inspectors check and take note of water in the basement areas. This is because it can lead to frame rot or mold. Visual inspection is used in this case to observe water leak stains, mildew, musty smells and any discolorations.

7. We also offer chemical services during home inspections. Our inspectors will look for evidence of lead, mold, asbestos or radon that can be a danger to inhabitants. In cases where a property utilizes well water, we also make sure that it is safe for use.

8. Pests are also a critical part of home inspections as they can significantly cause damage to property, these pests include mice, roaches, and termites.

Builder Warranty Inspection has a vast knowledge with commercial buildings, mixed use buildings, condos, multi-unit buildings, mobile homes, log homes, antique buildings, timber frame buildings and wood framed buildings.

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Understanding the Builder’s Warranty obligation

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