Combustible Gas Test

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  Transcription:  Well hello again, this is Shane with Metro Augusta Inspection Services. Just want to talk to you a quick moment about one of our new services, where we do a test for anything that's combustible gas. So in this area, you're going to be looking at natural gas, mainly be testing for natural gas and propane in this area. So, what we would do is we have a device where we would go around, we'd take those areas to see for any kind of gas leaks. Typically around Continue Reading ...

5 Questions To Ask When Shopping for a Mortgage

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Buying a home is a major financial commitment. It’s exciting, but can also be confusing and overwhelming. Choosing the best mortgage that fits your needs is an important first step and first-time homebuyers, in particular, should research the many options and know the right questions to ask. Here are some questions to ask a lender that will help you make an informed mortgage decision: 1. How much can I afford? A home affordability calculator can help you get an idea of what you may be able Continue Reading ...

Things You Need to Know in a Home Inspection

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A thorough house inspection is an important part of buying a home, condo, or other types of home. This inspection can protect you from expensive financial costs later because you have noticed errors that you did not notice and that you did not know about. A home inspector has training and education in factors that reveal hidden defects, such as signs of hidden water damage or electrical problems. So, what does a home inspection cover? A house inspection is a visual inspection of all areas and Continue Reading ...

What to Expect During a Home Inspection

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Whether it’s your first time buying a home or you're looking around for a new one; home inspection is one of the critical home buying procedures. Your home inspection checklist will keep you on track making sure you look at all parts of the house while checking off those items in good condition and making notes about those that need repairs and upgrades. If you're not new in the world of real estate, chances are; you know what to expect during a home inspection, otherwise, we've got you Continue Reading ...

Questions to ask during a Home Inspection

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After months of searching for homes, you finally found a home that met your needs, and now you're under contract. Most property purchase contracts have a clause that allows you to perform due diligence. Due Diligence is a period during which you can ensure that the house you are buying is in good shape. During the due diligence phase, most home buyers ask a professional inspector to walk around the house and see if they can find any problems with the house before it is purchased. But many home Continue Reading ...

Reasons Why You Should Get a Full Home Inspection Before Buying

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You have finally set your eyes on your dream house, your heart is about to burst and you cannot wait to sign the final contract and move in. If you have not had a full professional home inspection of your potential house, then do not rush into things. “How does a home inspection help buyers?” You may have this question as do many other buyers. This article aims to answer you fully. What is a Full Home Inspection? A full home inspection is a process that takes place when a certified Continue Reading ...

Home Checklist for a Worry-free Vacation

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When it’s time to embark on your well-deserved getaway, the last thing you want is to worry about the things that could go wrong at your unattended house. It’s pretty common to wonder if everything is OK while you're on vacation, says Chip Wade, an HGTV expert. Especially since there are plenty of hair-raising tales out there of people discovering a bad situation awaits them at home, from burst water pipes to a break-in. “If you have this nagging thought following you around that Continue Reading ...

Insider Tips and Tactics for Buying a Home in a Seller’s Market

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Whether you're a millennial looking to buy your first home or a boomer thinking about downsizing your empty nest, you're probably aware that it's a seller's market out there. Homes are selling at lightning speed, bidding wars are commonplace, buyers often have little to no room for negotiation and the price of those homes keeps rising. But don't worry! Just because it's a seller's market doesn't mean you can't get a good deal on the home of your dreams. Here are some insider tips and Continue Reading ...

Home Improvements To Help Your Home Sell Faster and For More Money

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The real estate market is heating up, and if you're planning to sell your home in the future, you want it to sell quickly and for as high of a price as possible. By taking proactive action now, you can make a few strategic home improvements that can help you achieve both your goals. To boost your home sale and reduce time on the market, consider these top home improvement ideas to catch buyers' eyes. Garage door When potential buyers visit your property, you want to make the best first Continue Reading ...

How Long Does A Home Inspection Take?

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An expert Home Inspection can't be done in two or three sets aside opportunity to encounter a home and make an appraisal of the limit, arrangement, and condition of the more significant part of the different materials, sections, structures that include the private remaining. So to what extent does it take? Here are a few factors that mainly identify with the time it will consider for a Home Inspection to be performed: The traverse of the home Obviously, bigger homes will take Continue Reading ...